Why work with QuantIM

  • “You are not alone” ;-)
  • You are offered exciting engagements
  • You get a sounding board while remaining fully independent
  • No hassle collecting fees for your services:
    QuantIM assures a timely payment of your invoices
  • Through the privileged link with our mother company Quanteus,
    you are backed by a powerful team of previous executives, management consultants and business transformation professionals.

    Your profile

    • Master or bachelor degree with proven track-record
    • At least 10-year experience in a sector (e.g. telecom, banking or FMCG) and/or a function (e.g. finance, HR, supply chain)
    • Proven experience as implementation manager
    • Experience in project management methodology in
      a specific sector or function
    • Entrepreneur, hands-on, with strong focus on implementation and result driven (through proper gating and governance)
    • Strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills
    • Leadership skills, ability to work well in teams, motivate others   
    • Strong ethical behavior
    • Willing to perform long-term assignments
    • Flexible in term of location
    • Fluency in more than one language
      (besides English, preferably Dutch and/or French)
    • Independent or with own management company
    • Comply with our INSPIRE values