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Further bridging the gap between strategy, implementation and solutions
, Upthrust and Highmind are blending into the Quanteus Group mix.

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Future-proof marketers know all about IT, tools and marketing campaigns. Upthrust helps you find them.

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BotBakery solved the problem of website redirects by launching Belgium’s first payment-enabled chatbot.

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Data is the new black. Check out the Yearly Marketing Survey and find out how data-driven your marketing strategy is.

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Discover what life is like at Chaimaa’s desk, supporting business transformations in various industries at BrightWolves.

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Rely on Highmind to solve your data-related business goals and realize your full data-driven potential.

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Meet Eddy Aerts, IP for QuantIM with 30 years of experience as a consultant and CFO on the counter.

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21/08/2014 - Trends over Quanteus & RSQ Investors

Een consultant die beslist ook overnames te doen, en die zo in de marketing terechtkomt: Quanteus kiest niet voor de platgetreden paden, ook niet in zijn klantenbestand. “De meesten kiezen voor een goed bedrijf. Wij zeggen: er mag een hoek af zijn.”

Artikel Trends

01/09/2014 - Amcham Connect September issue on RSQ Investor

Are the results of your business deteriorating? Like most, you might first try to solve the issue by ‘trying harder’, i.e. by doing more of the same ...

Article Amcham Connect

22/08/2014 - Het beste advies van Kris Vansanten in Trends

Kris Vansanten staat aan het hoofd van Quanteus, een consultancykantoor dat hij mee oprichtte in 2004. Vansanten, die de studies burgerlijk ingenieur en toegepaste economie combineerde, leerde het vak onder meer bij McKinsey, waar hij zijn beste advies kreeg van Herman De Bode ...

Artikel Trends

18/04/2014 - The House of Marketing enters into a new future together with Quanteus

The House of Marketing and Quanteus join forces to tackle future challenges, and offer their clients, employees and partners the benefits resulting from the synergies and the complementarities that arise from their partnership. To this end, the activities of The House of Marketing are acquired by the Quanteus group. The House of Marketing will continue its activities autonomously under the same brand name.

Press release takeover THOM by Quanteus

Persbericht overname THOM door Quanteus

Communiqué de Presse acquisition THOM par Quanteus

1/02/2014 - Article presenting RSQ Investors in "Dynamisme",
the monthly publication of the UWE (Union Wallonne des Entreprises)

Quanteus, une société belge de conseil pour entreprises, lance une nouvelle activité «RSQ Investors» destinée aux entreprises qui battent de l'aile. Ainsi Quanteus veut offrir davantage que du conseil à ces sociétés en difficultés : elle prend le relais, amène des investisseurs financiers et souhaite ainsi jouer un rôle prépondérant dans la marche opérationnelle de la société secourue. De cette manière, Quanteus veut activement contribuer à la résolution de la crise économique en Belgique.

Article Dynamisme